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PRACTICAL GUIDE “Understanding Circular Economy & Social Entrepreneurship”

We are happy to present this practical guide as part of the project Young Changemakers for Circular Local Economy (You-Cycle), that seeks to promote a circular economy as a means of empowerment of disadvantaged young people who could use their knowledge and green skills to set-up or join social enterprises that benefit their local communities.

Click HERE to access to the You-Cycle Practical Guide

Click Here to access Turkish version

This guide has the purpose of strengthening the knowledge of youth workers who would like to find engaging ways to learn more about circular economy and social entrepreneurship and about how to adapt them best to youth contexts.

Educators and youth workers are key to empowering young people to reach their full potential and abilities. They can be role models and leaders who motivate youth to improve their skills and grow constantly.

This guide includes the fundamentals of circular economy and social entrepreneurship; non-formal educational activities; a thorough glossary and inspiring cases in the fields of industry and business, but also in education programs, policy and regulatory approaches and best practices of Erasmus+ projects.

We firmly believe in the capacity of the youth to create a positive environment and achieve social impact, hopefully this guide is useful for those who accompany them.

Young Changemakers for Circular Local Economy (You-Cycle) is a project financed by Erasmus+, through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE (Instituto de la Juventud de España).

It is implemented by Espacio Geranios in Spain; EKO, (Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group) in Greece; Avrupa Entegrasyon Dernegi (European Integration Group – EIG) in Türkiye with the technical partners of IRCEM (Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment “Ernest Lupan”) in Romania and YouthProaktiv in Belgium.

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