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Who We Are & What We Do

Together for new growth!

Young individuals, NGOs and corporate companies; To ensure integration with European values ​​and digitalizing world, especially in cultural, social, civil and economic fields

To make the world a better place with common teaching methods by starting the change from the individual

Unity in Diversity


Collective Action and Solidarity


Development and Cooperation

Meet our team!

Turgut Kaan Akkoca


uğur keskin


Hasan Mert İnce

Vice President

Gözde Nur Kaya

Project Manager & Legal Counsel

Merve Aydemir

Board Member

Engin Turhaner

Board Member

Bedrettin Bayaslan

Board Member

IlIas Jalal Shawkat

Project Manager

Pırıl Sezgin

Partnership Expert

Sarp Yarkın Dikmen

Sponsorship Team Lead

Süleyman Mert Uzun

Social Media Team Member

Derya Kahigan

Social Media Team Member

Büşra Hastürk

Social Media Team Member

Sinem Sarı

Social Media Team Member

Rabia Akça

Sponsorship Team Member

Ece Buse Cintosun

Sponsorship Team Member

Elis Sena Vatansever

Sports & Health Team Member

Efe Berke Çolaker

Digital Team Member

Furkan Yıldırım

Digital Team Member

Cem Gürbüz

Social Media Team Member

Zeynep Begüm Keleşoğlu

Youth Worker



Turgut Kaan Akkoca, the founder of the European Integration Association (EiG), Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the keynote speaker of the United Nations “Leaders of the Future”, works at Deko Elektrik as the Business Development Manager, a Turkish-Chinese Manufacturing and Trade company in the field of electrical products. Focusing on project management in Civil Engineering and holding a bachelor’s degree with a thesis on innovation and entrepreneurship trends in the construction industry, Akkoca is also studying for a master’s degree in Financial Engineering at Boğaziçi University. After working as an international business development manager in China for a year, he put his interest in World Trade and Financial markets at the service of Erasmus+ and his social entrepreneurship at the service of an NGO. Managing the activities of 1 factory and 1 trading company and leading a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Turkiye with more than 500.000 Euro funds and more than 25 team members, Akkoca is also interested in Global politics and macro economy.