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International Hybrid Exchange: Empowering Young Changemakers for Circular Economy

International Hybrid Exchange: Empowering Young Changemakers for Circular Economy

Welcome to the world of You Cycle, where passion sparks purpose, and young changemakers unite to shape a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. In our latest endeavor, we embarked on a mission to empower youth and spark innovation in communities across our partner countries Türkiye, Spain, Belgium, Greece, and Romania.

Through the International Hybrid Exchange for Youngsters, we aimed to discover the pressing environmental needs of our local communities and lay the groundwork for impactful action.

Turning Goals into Reality

Our journey started with vibrant local activities held in Türkiye, Spain, and Greece. Here, participants actively participated in discussions about environmental issues, sparking excitement and inspiration through fun games, lively brainstorming sessions, and informative presentations about circular economy concepts. As we reflect on our recent activities, we’re eager to see the positive impact they’ll have in our upcoming events. By giving participants a glimpse into the future of our economies and inspiring them to find solutions for local needs using circular economy and social entrepreneurship, we’ve planted seeds of change that are ready to bloom.

The crowning achievement of our efforts was the International Hybrid Exchange, where participants from Türkiye, Spain, Greece, Belgium, and Romania converged online. Through this virtual gathering, boundaries dissolved as participants shared insights and experiences. They gained a broader perspective, viewing local needs through an international lens, acknowledging both differences and similarities.

Empowerment in Action

The You Cycle project, undertaken in collaboration with Erasmus partners including Espacio Geranios EG (Spain), European Integration Group EIG (Türkiye), Entrepreneurship and Social Economy Group EKO (Greece), Research in Circular Economy and Environment, Ernest Lupan IRCEM (Romania), and Youth Proaktiv YPA (Belgium), aims to empower youth to become proactive agents of change in their communities. By offering a space for youth to share their thoughts and worries, we’ve sparked a spirit of creativity and fostered a feeling of empowerment that will lead to meaningful actions down the line.

What’s Next

As we celebrate our recent achievements, our journey towards a circular economy continues. The You Cycle project evolves with upcoming activities and initiatives aimed at further empowering young changemakers. Follow our journey as we continue to cycle towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all. Together, we can make a difference.

Project funded by: Erasmus + Program, through the Spanish National Agency INJUVE.