YE “Make It Rural”

Project Name: Make It Rural

Venue: Kaunas/Lithuania

Dates: 23 April – 1 May

Partner Countries: Lithuania, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Turkey

Living in rural areas may prove to be challenging for youths seeking good quality jobs. Unfortunately, this contributes to higher unemployment rates in rural areas, resulting in concerned youths who do not have the required tools to overcome the problem. The initiation of a rural business could be a major solution to counteract the current unemployment rates.

Erasmus+ and Active Youth gave participants the opportunity to share their ideas, passion and support through a networking experience with a total of 36 youths from 6 diverse European countries. (Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Austria, Italy & Turkey)

The objective behind the project was to educate and inspire disadvantaged youths on how to start businesses in rural areas. As a result, the possibility of creating more job opportunities within their community emerges, contributing further to the lowering of unemployment rates.

During the project the participants learned about the necessary requirements and the thought process behind the development of a business from its conceptual stage to a fully functioning and sustainable rural profession. Achieving this in a week was no easy feat, however through informative and hands on activities, youths learned how to apply a typical business model, visited different rural entrepreneurs, and also got the opportunity to interview them and understand the challenges related to such businesses and how to overcome them.

The experience was enhanced by a well-planned and balanced programme which started off with ice breaking activities. This made the participants more comfortable with one another and brought the group closer together. Throughout the week youths were exposed to multiple tools including; ways to generate business ideas, information on how to initiate and maintain your business through practical and efficient models, as well as skills on presentation techniques and marketing. By the end of the project different groups also got to present videos sharing their experience and knowledge gained.

In conclusion, ‘Make It Rural’ was a platform for youths coming from different cultures and backgrounds, who came together to share their ideas and develop their entrepreneurial skills. It was also an opportunity for the participants to come to realization that being members of the European Union, one can form partnerships and run a business in different European countries which may offer better opportunities related to a particular idea.

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