Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Eco-Friendly Youth”

We hosted our 3rd Erasmus+ youth exchange this year. “Eco-Friendly Youth” was carried out in co-operation with Future Europe Youth Group. 30 participants from 6 European countries (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Turkey) gathered together in Mersin on November 15-23.
The aim of the project was to raise awareness of public about global environmental problems, generate ideas and learn how to be eco-friendly. Preventing damage to the environment has become a way of life for many people, with zero waste, sustainable living and carbon footprint reduction becoming common goals in households and businesses across Europe.
During the project, several activities were carried out, which helped participants to boost their creativity and to make them conscious about what are the main environmental problems (wasting energy, water, paper and air pollution) occurring nowadays.
During stay in Mersin participants cleaned-up the beach. Fireworks, foam coolers, cold drinks, beach chairs and flip-flops all sound like the perfect recipe for a beachside. When abandoned along the shore, however, these items can quickly transform beautiful coastlines into polluted eyesores. “Sometimes, [people] purposely leave them behind,” said Turkish participant – Merve Aydemir. “They’re done with their vacation, and they’ll leave them there rather than dispose of them.” she added.
Besides that, participant had other activities like group discussions, song writing, news from future, made survey about global problems. From the survey participants understood if they nearest friends and family members know about environment problems what if they care. Moreover, participants had chance to learn how to make natural cosmetics.
A lot of participants had experience and knowledge about environmental problems, some of them are studying within the topic, most of them are living their lives as eco-friendly as possible, as well as few participants are volunteering in different organisations where they are striving to help the environment.
Seeing all the enthusiastic participants we believe that projects like that can make youth more aware of environmental problems and can leave a big impact on them. The project’s intention was to raise awareness for youth and encourage them to spread their knowledge to the wider audience. This is only a small step how we can tackle the environmental problems.

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