Erasmus+ TC: The Route to Understanding

In the period between 3rd and 9th of November in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, the Foundation “Nikola Kljusev” in association with, “European Integration Group” form Turkey, “Municipal enterprise” from Bulgaria, “SEA Greece” from Greece and “Institute of Youth Power” from Croatia organized a training course under the name “The route to understanding”. This training course is an activity in the same named project which is supported by the Erasmus + Youth exchange programme.

This activity involved 30 participants from 5 different countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia, aged between 18-30 years old.

The main aim of this training course was to understand the migration crisis that took on the Balkan Peninsula in 2015 and also understand the needs of the refugees who are fleeing away from the war in their home countries.

The participants had the chance to present the migration issues in their home countries and also to learn more about the migration policies that each countries has undertaken in order to better respond to this crises. The participants also had the chance to act in a role play, where they felt “in their (migrants) shoes”. They had a role play where they were discussing about how they would act if a person sitting next to him/her is a migrant.

At the end of the training course each participant obtained a Youth Pass certificate.

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